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Our current system for RPG group matching is going through a revision and the current page will be edited to reflect that at a future time.

If you'd like to join an RPG group or have a group that you'd like players to join, please join the T-Cubed discord and either use the "rpg-join-a-group" page or ask in general chat whether anyone is interested. Thank you!

Position Preference:
Select both if you have no preference

I would like to be a Player

I would like to be a DM

Would you like assistance from the club to learn how to play, DM, or otherwise get started?





How experienced are you?

Experienc in RPGs?
Not experiencedLittle ExperiencedExperiencedVery ExperiencedRule Lawyer





Discord Username
Discord is heavily encouraged for ease of communication!

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Form Submitted. Once signups are complete you'll be sorted into a group fitting your preferences.

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