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Meetings Every Thursday Night 8 PM -12 AM
in the MSC Basement next to Panda Express


The Texas A&M University Tabletop Troupe otherwise known as "The Board Game Club" or "TCubed" was founded in 2015 by a group of friends who wanted nothing more than to have fun times with good people (and to get into medical school), but as the board game club grew into more than the friends could ever imagined or hoped for. The three friends graduated in 2017 but their spirits live on in the club (and the GroupMe).


Connect with us Online!

Howdy TCubed!


For the past year, we met exclusively online. While we may be back to meeting in person, our discord definitely  isn't dead! Join us in person and online through the school year!

Tabletopia and Board Game Arena are 2 free options that we’ll use. We also have Tabletop Simulator on Steam to use if you want. 


On Tabletop Simulator, either you need to own the game that your group is playing, or it needs to be one of the games that the club owns. A list of games the club owns will be posted on the discord server.

Want to know more about TAMU Tabletop?

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